KEYNOTE SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Rose Brewer, "Forging Revolutionary Change in an Era of Right

A Call for Revolutionary Change

Change is hard. Sometimes change is necessary. Now as we move into 2018, we are called to revolutionary change as we face the biggest challenge to our democracy yet.

Dr. Rose Brewer, professor of African-American and African Studies at the University of Minnesota, will present strategies for meeting today’s challenges in her keynote speech at the MNxMN 2018: Beyond Resistance Conference. Her message – "Forging Revolutionary Change in an Era of Right Wing Reaction" – will inspire veteran and newly motivated activists to work together for positive change.

As an activist and tireless champion for multiculturalism and community engagement, Dr. Brewer stresses the need to move beyond complacency. In a December 2016 Alternative Historian podcast she said she hoped people are “woke” to our current destructive course of divisiveness, stating:

"This is not a time to lay down and throw up your hands. It’s a time to organize. It’s a time to be smart and astute, and to know that we are many and they are few. But we have to be connected. We have to be organized, and we have to understand, in a very critical and profound way, what we’re dealing with."

Yes, change is hard. Sometimes change is necessary. And today revolutionary change is essential. Dr. Brewer’s keynote message will prepare attendees to tackle the challenges ahead with the power of a unified activist effort.

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Dr. Rose Brewer is a professor of African-American and African Studies at the University of Minnesota. She has published dozens of journal articles and book chapters on environmental racism, the prison-industrial complex, black feminism, and other complex, intersectional issues. She has said that her work in environmental justice is “deeply connected to an African-rooted value system.” She is currently the chair of the board of Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, a group of activists and community leaders dedicated to supporting fair and sustainable local economies that promote access to safe environments for everyone. Brewer was involved in organizing the Black Environmental Thought conference in Minneapolis in 2012.

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